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Stakeholder Group of Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (SG CDWD)

The SG CDWD aims to enhance the opportunity for DWD communities, their representative organizations, and non-governmental and other organizations working on the rights of DWD communities to advocate with a unified voice for their inclusion in all sustainable development related UN processes.


The SG CDWD envisions a democratic, inclusive and just society that is free from all forms of discriminations on work and descent (DWD) with regard to access to development, justice delivery, environment protection and disaster mitigation measures. This includes the planning, design, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation of sustainable development policies at all levels– local, national, regional and international.


The SG CDWD comprises several self-governing organizations united by a central structure and shared values, vision, and mission. The values of the SG CDWD are as follow: 

  1. RESPECT AND DIGNITY, thereby treating one another as equals, with mutual trust, respect, and recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity; 

  2. EQUITY AND JUSTICE, requiring members to work so as to ensure equal opportunity in all fields of development and justice delivery for the benefit of DWD communities globally, irrespective of location, gender, sexuality, caste, ethnicity, religion, class or status;

  3. FREEDOM that ensures the absence of all forms of internal and external control and obstructions so that the DWD communities can exercise their right to act as subjects in matters concerning their thought, speech, movement, association, occupation, and decision making;

  4. NON-DISCRIMINATION, to ensure that all processes and spaces for representation are decided without any discrimination based on gender, sexuality, age, religion, location, caste/ethnicity, class or status;

  5. TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgements and communications with all stakeholders;

  6. GENDER JUSTICE, to promote gender equality by removing any barriers that prevent full participation of women in the public and political life;

  7. SOLIDARITY WITH DWD communities requiring our commitment to fight against discrimination based on work and descent, including caste, anti-gypsyism, traditional and modern forms of slavery. 

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